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    . Recycling for a Greener Pacific Northwest
    . Security Matters: Time to Consider an IP Camera System?
    . Green Benefits from Lighting Control
    . Why Consider 3Com for a VoIP Solution?
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    . Safety Award
    . Community Service Continues
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Recycling for a Greener Pacific Northwest
Technocom is excited to announce its partnership with Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette. Technocom and Goodwill hope to provide an environmentally and economically conscious way to solve the growing electronic waste (e–waste) problem while at the same time supporting the local community (in particular, individuals who have employment barriers). Recycling old technology equipment helps build a safer, cleaner and ‘greener’ community by keeping excess e–waste out of local landfills.

Here is how it works:
With every home entertainment purchase, Technocom is proud to pick–up and deliver to Goodwill the customer’s old electronics, a tax receipt will be provided. Recyclable electronic items include computers, televisions, VCR players, DVD players, audio equipment, window shades, and light fixtures.

"People are just not sure what to do with their old stuff and it is a hassle to get rid of, so they end up dumping it. Now we can help do something about it, help our community and our environment," says Technocom Chief Executive Officer Rick McCloskey.

Both Oregon and Washington commercial offices are currently implementing a recycling plan. For more information on the new e–waste program, visit

Security Matters:
Time to Consider an IP Camera System?
As technology progresses and moves towards network based operating platforms, camera systems have followed along. Currently, IP camera systems only comprise 10–15% of all newly installed camera systems with the remainder of systems being conventional analog cameras utilizing a digital video recorder (DVR).

In the past the main issues suppressing the growth of the IP camera sector has been cost of IP equipment and the effect the IP camera system had on a company's computer network (increased need for bandwidth). As IP camera manufacturers have improved on their products, coupled with businesses improving their IT infrastructures, it is anticipated that within the next two years approximately 50% of all newly installed camera systems will be IP–based. It is also believed that many existing analog camera systems will be upgraded and migrated into a new IP platform as those end users start to see the benefits of going IP.

    The advantages of an IP camera system are:
  1. More flexible in terms of growth. With IP camera systems, adding a camera may only require the addition of a camera license to the IP system once the IP camera is obtained. Analog cameras utilizing DVRs typically have a fixed number of camera inputs (4, 9, 16, or 32 camera options) – once you have maximized the number of inputs, another DVR is required for additional cameras.
  2. Cabling of standard IP cameras only require a cat5e/6 cable, especially when coupled with the use of Power–over–Ethernet network switches.
  3. Storage of video is easily managed by a company's IT staff. Analog camera DVRs typically have fixed storage drives.
  4. The IP camera system software can be installed on either factory built computers or onto a customer–provided computer.
If you are considering a camera system in the next year, it would be wise to consider IP as a viable option. Although you may pay a little more up front for the installation when compared to the cost of an analog system, you will be "future–proofing" the security of your facility and save more in the long run.

Green Benefits from Lighting Control
Enhance every room every hour of the day by controlling daylight, electric light, privacy and security at the touch of a button. Without lighting control, lights run at 100 percent brightness 100 percent of the time. With control, Technocom can program lights to run at lower brightness, saving energy. Dimming lights to 50 percent can shave about 40 percent off electricity usage and extend bulb life by about 20 times. Motorized shades can also harness daylight so you spend less energy on heating, or block the heat to ease cooling costs. Lutron concedes that lighting represents only about 8 percent of an electric bill, but if every home in the U.S. put in a dimmer, it would be the equivalent of getting 370,000 cars off the road in terms of admissions.

Small Business Telecom Solutions:
Why Consider 3Com for a VoIP Solution?
The built–in 3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony Solution is an ideal choice for small businesses. Businesses are looking for feature–rich, proven PBX functionality, at key system prices. Capabilities and services need to grow with them as the business expands. Tmail integration with email, can easily expanded to as many as 1,500 users. The 3Com NBX V3000 received the Internet Telephony Product of the Year award in 2006. The system includes advanced voice Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), graphical Call Detail Recording (CDR), 400 hours of message storage, and desktop call assistant. A 3Com NBX V3000 IP Telephony system with 8 phones can be installed starting at $8,225 depending upon the final needs of the customer.

Washington Office Moves
Technocom, which was previously located in Auburn, has moved its office to Kent, Washington. "Technocom is excited to be apart of the Kent community and we look forward to growing our business," says Technocom Chief Executive Officer Rick McCloskey. The new office is located at 6844 South 220th Street, Kent, WA 98032. The Kent office can be contacted at (253) 395–1700 and for customer service at (253) 395–1717.

Safety Award
Technocom was recently awarded the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Safety Training and Evaluation Program (STEP) award. In recognition of its ongoing efforts in the development of a quality safety program, Technocom was awarded the Silver Level of achievement. STEP is a self–evaluation process that is intended to help construction companies achieve the highest safety levels possible. At Technocom, safety comes first. The company holds safety committee meetings once a month and provides weekly safety meetings and first–aid classes to all employees. Over 60% of all Technocom employees have their first–aid/CPR card presently and the goal is to increase that percentage. "Through Technocom’s partnership with ABC, we have been able to vastly improve our safety program," says Kevin Doherty, President of Technocom. "Focusing on safety first benefits not only Technocom employees, but also our customers and vendors."

Community Service Continues
In an effort to help young women attend their high school prom, Technocom is now a collection site of formal dresses for Abby's Closet. Abby’s Closet is an organization created to fulfill a mission to collect and distribute prom dresses, free of charge, to girls who might otherwise be unable to attend their high school prom due to the cost of a dress. Technocom accepts donations year round and is looking for new or gently used prom/formal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, wraps and purses in good condition that are appropriate for high school women. If you have any questions, please contact us at (503) 670–9910 or visit
Tech Talk:
Loren Taylor,
Residential Technician

Q: What do you find to be the biggest need for customers?
Training on new technology we install in the customer’s home. When the customer uses their technology equipment for the first time, it is usually a couple of days after the installation and the customer has already forgotten what the technicians have told them or they do not understand the manuals. The customer usually ends up not using the full capacity of their technology equipment and calls us back for a service call on training. At Technocom, all of our technicians and project managers understand the products we install and realize it is important for the customer to receive the full benefits of the technology being provided. I highly recommend that customers purchase a Technocom "Training Package".

Q: Why choose Technocom?
Technocom handles all your technology and infrastructure needs, including voice and data cabling, Lutron lighting and shades, home theater and audio systems, security systems, telecom and home automation. Our staff does what it takes to get the job done in a professional, timely manner and to stay within the customer’s budget. The customer always comes first.

Product Spotlight

MX–900 Universal
Remote Control
The MX–900 achieves a magnificent combination of power and flexibility, simplifying and automating operation of even the most complex system via its virtually unlimited memory. Up to 40 devices can be created with up to 40 pages per device. This allows custom interfaces to be created for every room and every user, complete with automated favorite channels and stations.

The MX–900 is equipped with a bright easy to read LCD screen. The screen labels the six hard buttons (easy to find by feel) positioned on the right hand side of the screen.

Features and Benefits:
• PC Programmable
• Replace ALL your other remote controls
• "Watch and Listen" Activity Based Macros
• Weighs 14oz with 4 AAA batteries

ESI Cordless Phone
• Both conventional TDM and VoIP phone options available.
• One touch access to features such as vmail, hold, transfer and forward.
• Shared vmail box with your desktop phone – only one mailbox to check.
• Up to 4 user–programmable features keys.
• Large display showing caller ID info, vmail box activity and battery status.
• Quick switch feature – enables instant, one–key switching between your cordless phone and your desktop phone.

Recent Awards
Excellence in Service and Safety
from the Association of Builders
and Contractors – Silver Level

Community Service Award from
Digital Convergence Summit

Top 25 Technology Service Provider by Portland
Business Journal

Top 50 Technology & Software Company by Portland
Business Journal

Top 100 Residential Dealer
by CE Pro Magazine

Top 24 Telecommunications Company by Portland
Business Journal

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