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Technocom's Workers Compensation Rate



Wilsonville, Ore., June 09, 2014 – In 2014 Technocom achieved its lowest workman's compensation mod rate in 10 years. Due to a robust safety program and diligence on the part of its workforce, Technocom now has an effective mod rate of 0.76, well below the industry average.

This translates into lower insurance premiums for the company and since general contractors look at mod rates to qualify as sub-contractors, this makes Technocom very attractive to the industry's general contractors.

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Technocom is a single-source provider offering comprehensive technology and infrastructure solutions for both business and home solutions throughout Oregon and Washington. Commercial services include: voice and data cabling, phone systems, security, carrier service, AV Systems, video surveillance, music on hold and IT networking. The company has helped more than 3,000 businesses and organizations increase productivity and performance. Technocom is headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon.