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Technocom, Inc.

Established in 1990, Technocom is your Premier Total Technology Provider. With the capability of offering a unique solution for all your low voltage and telecommunications needs, Technocom sets itself apart from its competition. Whether you are looking for structured cabling, telecom, security, AV sytems, networking or carrier management, Technocom's customer service team will partner with you to make your company more efficient and productive.

25 years of excellence

Technocom's Residential team takes the same full service ability to your home. Today's automated homes are efficient and environmentally sensitive. Just a dream a few short years ago, home theaters, whole house audio, lighting and shade controls and state of the art security systems are now increasingly standard and more affordable in new construction and renovations. We listen. We deliver.

Company History

In a unique merging of technology services companies that began in 2004, ESP Technologies, LiveWire Technologies, Connected Technologies, Managed Communications, and a joint-venture partnership with Tech Heads joined together as Technocom, Inc. The result is a single-source provider offering comprehensive technology and infrastructure solutions for both businesses and homes throughout Oregon and Washington.

18 years of excellence

This branding alliance allows Technocom to take advantage of its ability to service all of the communication and technology infrastructure needs in small and large business applications. Technocom also continues to offer complete home technology solutions, including home theater and complete networking services.

As a full-service provider, the company can work seamlessly between each division to address the smallest of details and ensure the synchronization between project components. The merger also allows for flexibility in creating customized and innovative solutions in almost any application. This one-stop-shop capability sets Technocom apart in the technology solutions market.

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