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Our Experience Factor Rates!

At Technocom, safety comes first. Our Washington, Experience Factor Rating of 0.74 reflects this belief by being one of the best in the industry. In Oregon, we have a Safety Modification Rate of 0.77. We promote safety by addressing this issue daily, in all situations. This assures our customers, vendors and employees of the importance we place on a safe work environment.

Great Talent

We believe in hiring great talent at Technocom. This is reflected in our outstanding Safety Modification Rate, our employee involvement in creating a safe working environment and our collective, on-going pursuit of excellence.

Card Carrying Employees

From our CEO to our expert technicians, everyone at our company recognizes the importance of being prepared. That's why over a quarter of our employees carry the First Aid/CPR card.

Committed to Safety

Our Safety Committee meets once a month to create on-going awareness of safety issues and help foster education and prevention in the work place. Recently, we have updated all vehicle first aid kits.

Who does it affect?

Our customers, vendors and employees all benefit from the steps we have taken to make safety a priority in our organization.

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