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Technocom can create a communication system that will streamline processes, keep you in touch with your customers and free up workers, saving you time and money. So whether you need an upgrade, additions to your existing phone system or looking for a VoIP alternative, Technocom can help. Our experienced staff can help you decide the best solution for your company and our award-winning customer service team, with 24/7 support, will be sure to keep it running smoothly.

phone systems

Our technicians are experienced and certified in the products we install and support. Technocom's professional services include network evaluation, pre-design engineering, computer telephony integrations, contact center, call center reporting, wireless and system security. We also offer attractive service and maintenance agreements.

Voice Over IP

VoIP allows your company to use a single network for both voice and data communications. VoIP provides for powerful business applications that can speed customer service, enhance call routing, eliminate duplication, simplify administration and leverage your existing network infrastructure. In short, VoIP can make your business more efficient and therefore, more competitive.

Go Wireless

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly demanded, and in many cases, expected, in most business environments. Technocom will help you build a wireless network in your environment that offers the same performance, security and manageability as your wired network.

The top businesses and organizations have gained flexibility and productivity by adding the benefits of a wireless LAN solution. When staff productivity increases due to the related increase in responsiveness, the result is bottom line profitability.

If you already have a wireless solution, but experience issues with loss of signal especially when roaming, Technocom can help you move to a system with seamless mobility. We can also help protect your assets by upgrading your network security.

Whether you have the need for a small business application or for a robust, secure network, Technocom can provide the critical planning and support to ensure your solution fits your needs.

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