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Technocom offers UguardU

Online video monitoring, surveillance and communication product and service. This service, branded as UGuardU, utilizes new IP camera technology to generate amazing quality video. Complete information on this new offering is available through the website

Technocom produced the software and provides a secure website and server, allowing customers online viewing access to any number of new evolution IP cameras. The service also provides the customer optional online server storage. All access is secure and password protected. This off-site video storage replaces the need for on-site DVRs or can be used to provide backup and redundancy.

Use UguardU Anywhere

Online capabilities are only as limited as the internet, so as long as you have internet access you can view your camera live, including from a PDA or IPhone.

UGuardU is also offering a software version available for download on private servers to allow commercial customers controlled and customized file management.

"This whole video surveillance project was initiated when a local bank requested a low cost and flexible method of providing video surveillance of foreclosed homes. However, since sharing the project concept with friends, business associates and current customers of Technocom, the variety of applications of this service has been enormous," said Technocom CEO, Rick McCloskey. "As an Oregon based company that is trying to find ways to grow and create employment in this economy, this is exciting," added McCloskey.

"I've been amazed by the size of the market as this service isn't so much about protection, rather the ability to be two places at once," said UGuardU project manager Matt Mosley. Added Mosley, "What really makes this product and service so cool is the fact that our customers can check in on kids, animals, prized possessions and even their parents or other dependents at any time and receive instant video feedback. It really is a form of video communication more so than surveillance."

Examples of recent applications:

  • An Auto dealer who want to keep an eye on a portion of his lot not easily seen from his show room.
  • A local home owners association.
  • A builder who is providing live video for construction period for the home owners.

Supports PDAs and IPhones too!

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